"Age-old marble palaces, handmade Swiss lace or my grandmother's jamdani saris. I've always been fascinated by the deceptive simplicity of ivory on ivory."

“I like the friction between the sublime and ostentatious. Bohemian jewellery and white veils. Where tradition meets modernity."

The finest of embroideries are made with a humble needle and thread. Deceptively simple but extremely difficult to master. It takes a master craftsperson over fifteen years to hone and perfect their skill. A sari embroidered with ektaar (single ply embroidery) takes an artisan upto three and a half years to complete. The real value of embroidery though, lies in the lightness and finesse of their hands. The more skilled the artisan, the finer the embroidery.

“The best way to keep tradition alive is not to get weighed down by it but to make it

your own.”