"We're incredibly proud to welcome Sabyasachi back to Bergdorf's. There's always tremendous excitement and anticipation for his work, as the rich and exquisite designs, which he created exclusively for us, are unlike anything most of us have ever seen before. Sabyasachi once told me that he's, 'a gypsy at heart,' by which I like to think he means he's drawn to the exotic, the bohemian, and the far away, which are then layered with tasteful abandon. I think we’re only seeing the start of what’s to come from this talented dreamer from Kolkata, India.”

Linda Fargo, Bergdorf Goodman 


“I am currently fascinated by menswear tailoring for women and with Gustav Klimt’s Golden Phase. Long, Linear, Gilded and Deco. The classic tie but a mosaic of schizophrenic gemstones and lavish fringe. I think this is one of my most eclectic pieces to date.”


“In Bengal we have a traditional necklace called the Bagan, which means garden. It’s a coming together of the finest of Bengali goldsmithing and craftsmanship to celebrate the plenitude of flora and fauna in and around Calcutta. This is my homage to the classic. Lavish, lush and indulgent —The Bagan Necklace celebrates the joys of leisure.”


Mixing the sacred and profane, multiple cultures and different genres of jewellery making—The Moulin Rouge necklace is a celebration of craftsmanship. Medieval, Byzantine, Georgian, Victorian, Italian and Bengal renaissance techniques come together to create an unusual statement.


A modern Byzantine twist to the ornate daggers from the Indian royal households.

“I’ve been thinking about exoticism—India and the Moulin Rouge, French and Bengal savoir faire. Marrying the classic with the outrageous, from sombre evening pieces to head turning statement jewellery. Conjuring tigers, elephants, palms, berries and botanicals—crafted in spectacular gemstones. The precise geometry of watchmaking and the graphic strength of Byzantine mosaics, the symmetry of Mughal gardens challenged by the asymmetry of modern punk and confidence of Bengali craftsmanship. This is a kaleidoscopic collection with an unexpected whimsy.”