“There’s nothing sexier than a man who doesn’t take himself too seriously.”


"As a young impressionable mind, seeking more from life… I used to sit at the Blue Sky Café in Calcutta’s Sudder Street, and gaze and gawk for hours on end. A street crammed with dilapidated buildings, budget hotels playing Dylan and Marley, tea stalls and backpacker cafés—punctuated with thrift stores of old vinyl and tattered leather-bound books, antique stores selling Tibetan jewellery, and roadside stalls hawking hand-me-downs. And the tourists and touts came in all shapes and looks, from all over the globe. Tinted glasses, nose rings, sun-streaked hair and the clash of local prints and culture. Interpreting India in their own way. Creating a global village in the midst of Calcutta. I was full of wonderment and curiosity back then, and that aesthetic remained with me, it never left."