“Not enough can be said about the transformative power of education, it is the ultimate catalyst of change, development and progress—and our fundamental right. Educating girls, all girls, remains the need of the hour in India, for a better and brighter future where all women are educated, empowered and free to live a life of their own making.”


The Rajkumari Ratnavati Girls School in the Thar Desert of Jaisalmer in India is a unique initiative. The school accommodates 400 girls from play school to the tenth grade. It aims at providing them with an education alongside a training centre for traditional artisanal skills such as artistry, weaving and embroidery. A social initiative, the school was built by Diana Kellogg Architects in collaboration with Michael Daube’s CITTA, on donated land from Manvendra Singh Shekhawat. Sabyasachi designed the uniforms for the girls, using Ajrakh, a complex local craft of woodblock printing on cotton.


Save The Saree was started by Sabyasachi as both a preservation and revival project. The mission was to empower the craftspeople and weavers of sarees directly, and to make handwoven and handmade sarees more accessible to the urban and global Indian. The sarees were curated by Sabyasachi from historical weaving centres and artisans, cutting out the middlemen and sold across the brand’s flagships at accessible prices and in attractive packaging. All proceeds from sales were donated back to the artisans and weaving centres.


Sabyasachi collaborated with Starbucks on a limited edition collection of lifestyle drinkware that included ceramic mugs and stainless-steel tumblers. Proceeds from sales were donated to support ‘Educate Girls’—a non-profit organization with a focus on working towards improving girls and young women’s education across rural India, providing the support they need to develop their skills and find careers.


Sabyasachi celebrates 100 years of creativity and storytelling with Disney Create 100. The initiative sees 100 artists from across the world including Beyonce, Christian Louboutin, Daniel Roseberry, Lang Lang, Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Tommy Hilfiger amongst others coming together. Each creative contributes a unique piece, inspired by Disney’s stories and characters, in support of Make-A-Wish®️. Sabyasachi contributes a special piece made in collaboration with The Sabyasachi Art Foundation, titled Namaste Mickey—giving one of Disney’s most iconic characters an Indian spin.