From the master craftsmanship of Bengal to gilded Byzantine magnificence and Broadway’s theatrical power. Experience the cultural savoir faire across the new silk route—a journey from Calcutta to New York. Each piece creates a curious contemporary dialogue between legacy and perspective.


The leaping gold Bengal Tigers, moulded and hand engraved by the atelier’s finest master craftspeople, embrace a 109.95 carat Zambian emerald topped with a 5.06 carat old mine cut diamond. Surrounded by the palm fringed hyper champa motif, created as a first for this collection, and studded with multicoloured and organic gemstones and brilliant cut diamonds.

“This collection interlaces the east and west, the traditional and rebellious, the precious and profane, and the sensorial with the intellectual.”

“My two decades as a colourist guides me as a jeweller, especially when working with multicoloured gemstones. For me, the quality of gemstones is a given, but the beauty of jewellery-making is in disrupting the hierarchy of precious stones and mixing them in a fierce amalgamation of modernity and traditionalism.”


The Animal Ball edition was launched at London’s iconic Lancaster House in association with The Elephant Family’s annual fundraiser. Exceptionally curated gemstones come together with India’s tropical flora and fauna. Modern heirlooms forged in gold made in homage to endangered animals, using fine endangered crafts.

“Corinthian pillars, Victorian furniture, Chinese pagodas, terrazzo flooring, Venetian chandeliers, walls splayed with curiosities, thakur dalans and ornamental verandas. The 19th century mansions and palaces of Calcutta, merged the neoclassical with traditional Bengal. Surrounded by rock gardens, aviaries and lakes. Built in an age of conflict and an era of renaissance.”