Discover the limited edition lipstick collection from Estée Lauder and Sabyasachi.

The collection celebrates the colour story of India. Strong, exuberant and beautiful.  


Signature house colours from Sabyasachi are translated into lip shades covering a spectrum of hues true to the hallmarks of the atelier. Tropical fruit and flora. Hand woven textiles. Intense and glamorous gemstones. All with a sensorial experience in Ultra Matte and Satin Matte finishes. Scented with warm, spicy cinnamon notes. Exquisitely crafted, the gilded case is topped with the iconic Sabyasachi Tiger medallion—plated with luxurious 24 Karat gold. A one-of-a-kind collaboration available across the world.

“When I visited the Estée Lauder archives, I saw such beautiful products—almost like objects of art. I related to that as a jeweller and designer. I felt a strange kinship with Mrs. Lauder, her vision was spectacular but essential. I wanted to bring that back and distil it into this collection. This collection celebrates not just the colours but also the cultural exuberance and sensorial joys of India. A true collaboration between New York and Calcutta.” 

“I’ve been very careful about building my business over the last 25 years. When creating the luxury pyramid you have to take your time. Though I could have ventured into beauty a long time ago, I wanted to do this on my 25th year. Luxury businesses are not built over night, I have spent the last two and a half decades creating the foundation for brand Sabyasachi. And I’ve built it with great integrity, discipline and the highest of quality standards. I believe for a luxury brand, beauty takes flight once jewellery, couture, ready to wear and accessories are on the pyramid.”